Disease Specific Education

The OneCare Platform offers custom clinical content including disease specific education with assessments and feedback based on best practices and standard clinical practice guidelines.

The platform currently offers nine (9) Clinical Programs that address most prevalent chronic conditions including: Asthma, CAD, CHF, COPD, Depression, Diabetes, Hyperlipidemia, Hypertension, & Low Back Pain.

Care Plan Alerts & Reminders

The OneCare Platform includes comprehensive Clinical Plans that can be assigned to patien populations and customized by individual needs to ensure accuracy and track adherence.

The patent-pending, intelligent, cloud-based portal evaluates information received from a patient in real-time, and as needed, alerts the patient, family member, and/or designated caregiver with updates pertinent to health data.

Population Management System

The OneCare Platform offers roster-based population management capabilities. Have multiple locations? No problem, staff members can be assigned to specific population segments.

Professional services include a standard set of reports, full product support, SLAs, and HIPAA business associate agreements.