Mobile App Demonstration

The Platform includes a patent-pending, intelligent, cloud-based portal to evaluate information received from a patient, and as needed, to alert the patient, family member, and/or designated caregiver with updates and pertinent health data. OneCare provides necessary reminders to a patient and also monitors the patient's various care plan tasks: medication dosages, reminders for taking medication, drug interaction and side effects information, alerts, accurate records of weight, blood sugar monitoring, physical exercise, blood pressure, and any other action or data prescribed in the care plan.

The Platform operates in a cloud-based private healthcare network that lowers the cost of care by driving patient engagement and family participation to improve outcomes. OneCare’s mission is to provide a predictive, preventive and proactive environment that significantly improves the self-management compliance of subscribing patients with chronic care needs.

OneCare provides doctors with a 360 view of their patients. Better access and understanding of patient adherence to their care plans improves the quality of care and drives down the total cost of care.

Full Platform Demo Coming Soon