Gary Austin
Co-Founder & CEO

Marietta, GA
Married for 43 years with 6 children, 13 grandchildren and a couple more on the way! Very involved in my church!

Aubrey C. Daniels
Chief Bahavior Scientist

Atlanta, GA
Founder and Chairman of Aubrey Daniels International and Founder of the Aubrey Daniels Institute.

Joel Fuhrman, M.D.
Chief Health Officer

Flemington, NJ
Owner of and six-time NY Times best-selling author including "Eat for Health" and "The End of Diabetes".

David Meeks
Chief Operating Officer

Marietta, GA
Married with 3 kids. Loves being with family and friends, the outdoors and leading a healthy lifestyle!

James Reed
Chief Technology Officer

Humboldt, TN
Married with 5 children, very much family oriented who loves the outdoors!

Andrew Stacey
IT Director

Murfeesboro, TN
Married for 26 years with two children. I enjoy running, playing guitar and learning new things!

Cynthia E Florence
Solutions Architect

Marietta, GA
Training for my 3rd Marathon, and am a Holistic Health Coach leading a vegetarian lifetsyle!

Samuel Bryant
Solutions Architect

Humboldt, TN
Married with four children: two Sapien and two Canine. We love playing and laughing together!

Sandy Stewart
Executive Assistant

Buford, GA
Enjoys reading, gardening, the beach in Summer, and the mountains in Fall.