Gary Austin
Co-Founder & CEO

Marietta, GA
Married for 42 years with 6 children and 13 grandchildren. Very involved in his church!

Ron Wunder
Chief Operating Office

Marietta, GA
Hobbies include winter snow skiing and traveling to Music Festivals!

Paul Pelt
VP of Sales

Marietta, GA
Enjoys golf, tennis, hiking and family time! Involved with groups to help homeless.

Bethany Thames
Marketing Director Senior Product Manager

Asheville, NC
Loves dogs, is a CrossFit trainer, and owns a Calligraphy Business called Joy Unscripted

James Reed
Lead Developer

Humboldt, TN
Married with 5 children, very much family oriented who loves the outdoors!

Cynthia E Florence
Solutions Architect

Marietta, GA
Training for my 3rd Marathon, and am a Holistic Health Coach leading a vegetarian lifetsyle!

Andrew Stacey
IT Director

Murfeesboro, TN
My faith and family are the most important things in my life. I enjoy playing the guitar.

Tiffany Schubel
Clinical Consultant

Austin, TX
I have two small children, 2&7. When they give me a moment to myself I love to read!

Sam Eller
Bluetooth Developer

Marietta, GA
Just recently got married, and is an independent game developer on the side!

Jason Hammel
Quality Assurance

Marietta, GA
Enjoys backpacking and hiking with his family and involved in grass roots philanthropy!

Jennifer Tawney
Human Resources

Canton, GA
Married for 13 years with 5 children. Loves spending time with family in the outdoors!